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My Story

Comic Books

I have been making comic books pretty regularly since 2020.  I have worked with people all over the world. That's pretty cool. 

My focus now and for the foreseeable future is A Curious Machine. 

Logline: When a hapless robot private investigator comes across a double homicide with 5 million in untraceable CyBills, his poor choice turns the hunter into the hunted.

Concept: In the late 1800s, a chance meeting between Sir William Robert Grove and Carl Benz led to the production of the first hydrogen cell-powered automobile, which, in turn, spawned many automated hydrogen fuel-celled inventions. By the 1920s, mindless robots were performing manual labor worldwide. This provided a tangible platform for Alan Mathison Turing's abstract computing machine, the world's first Artificial Intelligence. Fast forward to the mid-2020s, and we now have sky cities, flying cars, and robots with genuine autonomy.


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